Intel debuts a new logo alongside its 11th Gen chips

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Via: The Verge

Intel has just announced its new 11th Gen processors, and alongside the launch, the company is also rolling out a new minimalist logo — the third logo that the company has ever used. The fresh design replaces the previous branding with the Intel wordmark enclosed in a circle that has been used by the company in various forms since 2006.

The new logo will also accompany a brand-wide refresh for Intel, with a more minimalist design for everything from Intel’s Xeon servers to its Optane memory chips.

While the new logo is a fresh look for the brand, with a boxier font than the clipped curved of the 2006 iteration, it does maintain plenty of elements from both of the previous designs, including the square-capped “i”.

Intel is introducing some new aspects to the logo, too. While the classic blue color that it’s used for decades will still be a strong part of the brand, the company is expanding to new variants with more colors, like a secondary color for the dot of the “i” in some cases.

The company is also keeping the iconic five-note “bong,” although it promises that it’ll have a “modernized version” to match the logo later this year.

Left, Intel’s original logo, introduced in 1968. Right, the company’s previous logo, introduced in 2006.

You’ll be able to enjoy Intel’s new designs gracing the irritating sticker on your laptop (and presumably, the rest of Intel’s branding) soon.


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